If you buy [first of all thank you!] please include your email address so we can send you the album in digital form when it is ready. Or send it to us at originaldecember@gmail.com. 


So, we’re in fundraising mode now as we head to the studio in August to record our next album. Could you help? 

As you know most of our stuff goes on YouTube and you can get it for free. What you may not know is that we get no no income from YouTube and little from digital sales. Gigs kind of break even sometimes. We’re not complaining as we get to do what we love. But records and videos cost. 

Could you help us break even on the album in advance by buying your digital downloads now by sending us £10 by PayPal?

If 300 people did this we could then consider our dream of putting out a vinyl album of our own material. All we are promising at the moment is that you will get your downloads of our best ever piece of work for a £10 investment. It’s a bit speculative at the moment as we’ve no way of knowing what we could raise here but we won’t let you down.

We’re really asking you to believe in us enough to invest in us by sending whatever you can. 

If we achieved the vinyl dream we would discount whatever you send now from the price of that (likely to be £20 plus postage). 

Also we will be releasing U2’s Heartland and Big Country’s Fields of Fire in the next 4/6 weeks on YouTube. 

Lastly - every like, kind word and piece of encouragement is amazing and appreciated so much but bottom line is it takes money to achieve what we try to do. Most of the time we self fund and take the risk on the other end - this time we are trying this to see how it goes. 

Finally 😭 if you are a paid up backstage pass member - you’ll get your downloads as part of your subscription so don’t feel under pressure etc. 

Thanks to anyone who can give a bit to help us on our ongoing journey. Much love, Scott, Ails and Paul. 


December album [digital files only] - pre-order/donation

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