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Our new single - released 28 May 2020.


Here are 10 things you maybe didn’t know about Maggie.


Her full name was Maggie McKinley and she was a character created by Joan Lingard. There were four books about her.


She was brought to life by Scottish actor Kirsty Miller in a hit BBC series in the early 80s


She was a teenager growing up in Glasgow and trying to be the first in her family to get to university. She wanted to be an anthropologist.


She used to visit her granny in the Scottish highlands and made a pilgrimage to Wester Ross to retrace her great, great grandmother who had been ousted in the highland clearances.


Her dad was a plumber and she helped him set up his own business.


Her family’s tenement flat was torn down and the family relocated to a tower block. Her mum suffered depression as a result of the change and the loss of community.


They moved to the flat above the new business she helped set up for her dad and uncle.


She ended up so indispensable to the business that her family asked her not to go to uni and to stay and manage it for them. She had to make that difficult decision.


She had a boyfriend from a well off Edinburgh family. There was a whole east-coast/west-coast, working class/middle class thing going on.


She was independent, hard working, a bit moody sometimes, stubborn, emotional, passionate and wanted to change the world.



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