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Would you like to partner with us by sponsoring a song in 2023-24?


We are about to plan our recording schedule from summer 2023 to summer 2024. We have room for 10 cover versions to be recorded from amongs those listed below: April 2022 onwards. Your sponsorhip covers our recording costs and helps us keep going as a band.


We also have a schedule of originals - if you are interested let us know.


Our first thoughts on songs - subject to discussion and further thought:


U2 b sides and rarities 

Walk to the water - SOLD 

Luminous times - SOLD

Hallelujah here she comes SOLD

A room at the heartbreak hotel SOLD 

Always SOLD

Elvis Presley and America SOLD

With a shout SOLD

Rejoice SOLD

Shadows and tall trees SOLD

11 o clock tick tock SOLD

I still haven't found what I'm looking for SOLD

Always SOLD

Elvis Presley and America SOLD

With a shout SOLD

Hallelujah here she comes SOLD

Until the end of the world SOLD

Rejoice SOLD



I  threw a brick through a window 

Big Country 

Chance - SOLD 


The Alarm 

Rain in the summertime SOLD


Neil Diamond

If you know what I mean SOLD



Johnny 99

- open to offers and discussion on Springsteen songs 


Bob Dylan

The times they are a changing SOLD 

Highway 61 revisited 


The Big Dish



Original songs x4



List subject to change by agreement with customer.


Payment required by end February 2023.  Instalment plans available via paypal.


And in return for your sponsorship you will receive:


- the only CD copy of the song, signed by the band with handwritten lyrics and credits;

- Ails' lyric sheets from the studio, signed by us all;

- credit on the CD and in the youtube credits field where there will be a special dedication to you;

- an invitation to be present at the recording of the vocal sessions either in person or virtually;

Hope to hear from you. 


Sponsor a song in 2023/4

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