We are sold out for 2022 - contact us directly if you would like to discuss our schedule for 2023.


Would you like to partner with us by sponsoring a song in 2022?


We are about to plan our recording schedule for the next 12 months. We have room for 6 cover versions to be recorded from April 2022 onwards. U2, Springsteen and Big Country are our first choices. Lone Justice and The Waterboys also considered.

We also have a schedule of originals - if you are interested let us know.


Our first thoughts on songs - subject to discussion and further thought:


Springsteen: Dancing in the dark; Stolen car [purchased]


U2: Running to stand still [purchased], Exit [purchased], Stay (faraway so close) [purchased], When I look at the world, Love comes tumbling [purchased]


Big Country: Chance

List subject to change by agreement with customer.


Payment required by end November 2021.


And in return for your sponsorship you will receive:


- the only CD copy of the song, signed by the band with handwritten lyrics and credits;

- Ails' lyric sheets from the studio, signed by us all;

- credit on the CD and in the youtube credits field where there will be a special dedication to you;

- an invitation to be present at the recording of the vocal sessions either in person or virtually;

Hope to hear from you. 

SOLD OUT / Sponsor a song in 2022?