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An amazing cover of a classic song.

A fantastic album.

Billy Sloan, BBC Radio Scotland



Don't be fooled. These are covers of U2 songs, but they're like none that you've heard before. What December has managed to do is astounding. They've stayed true to U2's spirit, but created something that sounds totally new. You'll sing along to songs that you've heard a million times, but you'll be feeling something entirely new. It's brilliant. 

Matt McGee,

December more than covers U2 – they offer brilliant new arrangements using a variety of rock and acoustic instruments, and, perhaps most importantly, a compelling and emotive female lead vocal. Often understated, yet always fresh and engaging, December succeeds at reinterpreting U2's music not by emulating their heroes, but rather by crafting an artistic collection that celebrates, honors and reimagines "the biggest band in the planet".

Tim Neufeld, The Crystal Ballroom and author of U2, Rock 'n' roll to change the world 

December have created a tribute that takes the emotion of the U2 originals and builds on them in inspiring ways. Each song is immediately recognizable, but rendered in a style that makes them new to the listener. Familiar songs, from hit singles to hidden gems, are crafted with genuine love in their interpretation. The result is a remarkable collection that is fresh in execution while still staying faithful to the original.


When December took the stage in Dublin’s Grand Social for the celebrations of U2’s 40th birthday it was an amazing moment. They started with I Fall Down from U2’s October album. The atmosphere changed and the capacity crowd hushed. Honestly, it was like the Holy Spirit came into the room! 

Aaron Govern,
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