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Bronze - £60


  • Signed CDs [33 and I will let you have your say]

  • signed postcard

  • signed setlist and pin badge


Silver - £100

As Bronze Subscription package plus:

  • Signed 33 vinyl

  • 1:1 live stream interview with band


Gold - £250


As Silver Subscription package plus:

  • Free entry to all December shows during 2019/20 including sound checks and backstage access (where possible) 

  • VIP to launch events

  • Name credited on 2020 album


Platinum - £500


As Gold Subscription package plus: Spend a day with December during 2019/20. Talk. eat, strategize with us; and write a song with us and be assured of a confirmed release as a single in 2020. Contribute lyrical or musical ideas. Work on it with us beforehand in person or virtually. Attend the recording of track in studio studio or join online. Final content of the track and production is at our discretion. You will be credited as a co-writer.


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Album £7.99 

George Jones

Single £0.99 

Alison Stewart [acoustic version] 

Single £0.99 

Maria McKee 

Single £0.99 

Barack Hussein Obama 

Single £0.99 

Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish 

Single £0.99